Russian & Bottom Lash Training Day

The next step after completing your Classic course. Learning how to create a volume fan and the application of bottom lashes.


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The second step of Lash Beautcamp is your Russian & Bottom Lash Training. Russian lashes are volume fans made up of numerous super fine, lightweight lashes and applied to one natural lash. Bottom lashes are again super fine lashes applied to the lower lashes. Bottom Lashes will make your sets stand out amongst the crowd and is a great additional service to offer. Before attending the training day at Oh Beaut you will receive your very own Russian Lash Manual and Lash Bible via your ohbeaut.com account.

The Russian Lash Manual contains all the theory you need to know to become a successful lash technician, including subjects such as; health and safety, lash maps, what are volume lashes etc.

The Lash Bible is your go to manual for guidance on getting set up as a lash technician and running a successful business.

Making your way through the Manual and Lash Bible prior to the training day also means that you will have more hands on time for practising and asking any questions on the day.


The course runs 10am-5pm. The Beautcamp begins by going over the theory from your Russian Lash Manual and answering any questions you may have before getting started spending the majority of the day on practical work. We will have a lunch in between before your live model comes for your first full set application, guided every step of the way by Beth.

  • Fully Accredited Russian & Bottom Lash Application Qualification (Accredited by the BIA, recognised worldwide)
  • Russian Lash Manual 
  • Kit worth over £170 (allows you to complete 15+ sets)
    • 1 x Pair of Straight Isolation tweezers
    • 1 x Pair of Volume tweezers
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Primer
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Lash Adhesive 5ml
    • 1 x Tape
    • 10 x Mascara wand, lip wand & microfibre wands
    • 1 x Sleeping Eye Mask
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Mink Volume Mix Tray 
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Silk Volume Mix Tray
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Self Fanning Mix Tray
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Bottom Lash Mix Tray
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Notebook
    • 1 x Oh Beaut Pen 


  • Oh Beaut Lash Bible including;
    • Introduction 
    • Top Tips For A Successful Business 
    • Branding & Marketing 
    • Content Creation
    • Social Media 
    • Email Marketing 
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads
    • Useful Apps 
    • Business Talk – accountant, business bank, insurance

You will need to have an accredited certificate in Classic lashes to attend this course.
This course is designed for confident lash technicians trained in Classic, or for those who have previously attended a Russian course which did not leave them feeling confident enough or completed a course some time ago and who would like a refresher.

I would recommend becoming fully confident in your lash theory and Russian & Bottom lash application before then booking onto one of our Advanced Training courses either online or in house.

Booking Process

Once your place has been booked via the system above, you will receive an email with all of the relevant information. Please read the email in detail. You will also be given access to the Lash Manuals via your ohebaut.com account which we request you read through prior to attending the training!


All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred to an alternative date provided 4 weeks notice is given. In the event of exceptional circumstances where cancellation of your training is out of your control, it will be down to our discretion whether the deposit is refundable without the required notice.




7 Hours



The main reason I have chosen to go down the teaching route is so that I can offer people like yourself the training I wish I could have received at the start and throughout my journey. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds trialling and researching products, learning new lash maps and simple basic things that I wasn’t provided with on any of my training courses. I want to provide you with the very best possible platform you could have so that you have everything you need to get started without having to face many of the struggles I did. I have invested so much time into creating all of the content you will receive on this training course and I am more than confident that you will not regret it.

– Beth Pashby