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There is no set answer to this question, the honest answer is the variables from client to client effect how long your lashes will last. Lash adhesives are designed to allow lashes to last between 6-8 weeks on the natural lash, and you will find that some lashes do last this long. However, we need to take into account each individual’s circumstances, how fast is your lash growth? Do you have naturally oily skin? Are you on any medication / hair growth supplements? Variables like this can affect the retention. The bottom line is, the majority of clients return every 2-3 weeks for infills to keep lashes looking full. Without infills you can expect to see lashes still lasting upto 6 weeks however they will be sparse as they shed with your natural lash cycle, you can expect 3-5 lashes to shed per day.

Patch tests are a tricky one. It is pretty much impossible to determine whether someone is allergic to lash extension adhesive through a patch test procedure. As a patch test only requires you to apply 3-5 lashes per eye, it is not enough exposure to all the products used to necessarily cause a reaction, we would need to apply at least half a full set to do this. Lash allergies are cumulative (built up over time) so it is more common to find clients who have had extensions for years that have a reaction rather than a newbie – don’t worry, it’s not common to develop an allergy, just more common than being allergic from the get go! As the lash industry is relatively new a lot of our insurers require a patch test to be performed so some lash technicians may require you to have one, however here at Oh Beaut it is down to the client, all we ask is that you sign a waiver once you have been made aware of the risks of proceeding without a patch test.
We offer training in Classic, Russian & Advanced Lash Style Masterclasses. Alongside this we offer online tutorials right from the basics to advanced lash maps.

The best way to ensure your lashes last as long as possible is to keep them super clean! We recommend that you use our Lash Bath shampoo every 2-3 days to cleanse away any excess oils, makeup or other residue.

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